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It was great to see so many of you last Saturday at the CLPO Annual Picnic. The rain gave way as the event began and it turned out to be a fine day.

I am forwarding an email from the Minnesota DNR about a topic that you may have already heard. Starry Stonewort was recently discovered in Medicine Lake in Hennepin County. This is the first lake in the ‘metro’ area where the noxious weed was discovered. This discovery serves to amplify our concern over keeping it out of Clearwater Lake, and it serves to amp up our inspection and detection efforts. As we’ve previously reported the CLPO continues with our program of boat inspections at the DNR ramps, our weekly rake tossing inspections at the most popular ramps, our diving inspections near the ramps, and our complete lake vegetation surveys. All of these activities cannot guarantee that invasive species won’t get into the lake, but the efforts increase the likelihood that we detect problems early and that we therefore have the opportunity to attack them. Recent history from nearby lakes shows us that early detection can save a lot of money and it gives us the chance of eradication.

 And now, just yesterday, we heard that Starry Stonewort has been found in Pleasant Lake, which is immediately upstream of Clearwater. The discovery was confirmed by the MN DNR today. ( This makes our efforts even more timely and important.

You can help by ensuring that all weeds are removed from boats and trailers and draining water from the bilges and live boxes when leaving any lake and before entering any other. And we continue to ask, if you see something, say something. Don’t be afraid to report a suspicious weed. We would much prefer to chase after a false alarm than find ourselves months later with a much bigger problem. If you see anything contact any CLPO board member, Tim Isle at or me at Contact info is always available at our website (

Thanks and have a great rest of the summer!

Jim Kutzner

President, CLPO

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