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February 26, 2019

Vote on the Wright County Regional Inspection Program, WRIP

2/26 9:00 am - 2/13 11:00 am

Feb 26, 2019 at 9 AM

Schedule Change - the Wright County Commissioner's Meeting to Vote on the Wright County Regional Inspection Program, WRIP


Has been moved to


Feb. 262019 - 9:00 AM

10 2nd Street NW

Buffalo, MN 55313



Please try to attend the next Wright County Commissioner meeting on Tuesday, February 26th, 9am at the Wright County Government Center, 10 2nd St NW Buffalo, MN .


The Commissioners will consider starting the process to amend the ordinance to allow more lakes into the Wright Regional Inspection Program (WRIP). This replaces the previously scheduled February 19th meeting.


On February 12th, the Wright County Committee of the Whole met to gather comments about the WRIP program. The room was full and there was a great deal of discussion with a number of concerns presented that seemed to register with the commissioners. Support for the program was strong with three expansion lakes providing comments, along with other lakes voicing support. Only three of the five commissioners were able to attend the February 12th meeting, so the attending commissioners--at the beginning of the meeting--made the decision to provide "no recommendation" regarding the future of the WRIP program. Discussion will continue on February 26th at the regular County Commissioner meeting.


So...let's recap:


--A good showing from all lakes supporting WRIP is critical for the February 26th meeting. Attendance is powerful. Our understanding is comments will be allowed so be prepared to articulate support.

--Please re-send any letters of support that you have recently sent. Reiterated the importance of the expansion.


Hope to see you on the 26th!


The Wright Regional Inspection Program (WRIP) requires free mandatory watercraft inspections for aquatic invasive species before entering select lakes in Wright County. The program had a great year in 2018; here are a few highlights:


  • Inspections for the lakes in the program increased 51% compared with 2017,
  • Wait times were low--average was 30 seconds.
  • Sixty-eight inspections failed with sixteen being zebra mussel infestations. Violations were identified and corrected before accessing the lake.
  • Here's more information about 2018 activities.

In 2019 the WRIP will add at least 5 additional lakes, pending County Board & MN DNR approval. All are within a fifteen mile radius of Annandale. Each lake association is dedicating the money they previously invested in intermittent inspection at the boat ramp into the WRIP. In this way the program will become self funding. Because the regional inspection station in Annandale is staffed for longer periods every day during open water, coverage will increase significantly.


The lake associations and their partners in Wright County hope to demonstrate that by moving inspection services from each individual access to a centrally located and convenient location, more inspections can be done for less money, while still providing access to the lakes.


Please attend the Wright County Commissioners meeting on Feb. 26th and demonstrate that the WRIP is important to everyone in the state, and that you are grateful for their courage in moving forward.


This program has been attacked and falsely characterized by a small but vocal group of anglers that believe the program unduly limits their access to the lakes. This group is planning on showing up, so a strong show of support could prove critical to the County Commissioners' decision to move ahead.


If the County Commissioners decide to move ahead at the February 26th meeting, there will be a 30 day public comment period. We will contact you at that time so that your lake association members can participate. 


Thank you for all you do. I hope to see some of you in Wright County on Feb. 26th.

June 1, 2019

CLPO Annual Meeting

6/1 9:00 am - 6/1 10:30 am

Corinna Town Hall

Coffee & Rolls from 8 AM - 9 AM

August 3, 2019

CLPO Annual Picnic

8/3 10:30 am - 8/3 1:00 pm

Annandale Pavilion, Lower Level

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