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Cafe Jules

Cafe' Jules rests in the heart of the lakes known as Annandale, MN. This historical building has hosted several entities throughout her history. It began as South Side School District 130 before the turn of the century. In 1910 School Districts 71,72 and 130 voted for consolidations and more space was needed. This building was drawn across the ice of Pleasant Lake to the place she now calls home. This building has been a school, library, home, jail, art gallery and now a Bistro. It is set back amount crimson lilies, buttery marigolds and blushing pink peonies. The building is made of brick and mortar and the natural light that shines through her windows makes you feel alive. The creaky wood floors in the dining rooms long to tell their story of the many footsteps and souls that have crossed her floors.

In Spring of 2014, Julie Carlson, with approval from the city of Annandale, gave the building a new look and a new feel to her corner of Annandale. Offering three meals a day, Café Jules is a scratch breakfast and specialty coffee brewer by day, and by night a candle lit intimate setting serving wine and an ever changing dinner menu. Offering more than a meal, it offers a place to call home and an experience worth dining for.


About Our Menu

Start your morning with one of our delicious homemade pastries and “brewed with love” coffee for breakfast, or add your A to K vitamin helping with our fresh fruit. Come in for lunch and experience one of our made from scratch soup and sandwiches, flatbreads or pasta, and dinner? Well, if there is one thing we pride ourselves on here at Café Jules it is providing something new on our limited dinner menu.

Give your kitchen a rest but bring your loved ones in to experience not only a delicious home cooked meal but an experience best shared over wine…


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News & Reviews:

Café Jules is focused on providing you fresh and flavorful food in a place that is familiar. That being said, we are actively working on improving our menu and experimenting with items that are a good fit. Please come in and check on our Facebook page to see what our daily specials are and give us feedback on what you enjoyed. We hope to release our menu once we are confident with the choices!