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Welcome to BJ's Bait & Tackle LLC website!  We are proud to serve all anglers in the Annandale, Minnesota area and all others who visit us!  We are located on the west side of beautiful Clearwater Lake.  It is our mission to make sure you, our customers, have the proper gear, bait and information to assist you with the best possible fishing experience!
The Manager/Owner, Bill Hohenstein is always happy to assist with questions, feedback and requests.  Please don't hesitate to contact Bill at any time!  You can reach us via e-mail at or by telephone at 320.274.3730. 
Visit our bait shop on Clearwater lake, Minnesota, near Annandale, for fishing licenses and top-quality fishing supplies. BJ's Bait is dedicated to meeting all your fishing needs. Our locally owned and operated shop offers boat and motor rentals, pontoon rentals, dock space rental, and a newly upgraded seasonal campground.
Some of the amenities and services BJ's Bait offers to ensure the best experience possible are a large variety of tackle, gas on-shore, sandwiches & snacks, free popcorn, pop, ice, propane fills, and plowed roads in the winter.


BJ's Bait and Tackle LLC Marina
Our Marina has 56 slips. We rent out slips for a season.
The Marina season is May 1st to October 1st.
Slips are $650 for the season. If you have a lift your boat can sit on that. If you have no lift, we require what is called the 'pole system.' We can provide poles for an extra $150 or you can get your own poles and we can show you how to do it, it's pretty easy. 
Please see the photos below to see a pontoon using the pole system and what the poles look like without a boat tied to them.  
The boats are tied to the poles, NOT our docks. The poles also are used as boat bumpers so that your watercraft does not rub up against our dock or dock poles.
Poles with a Pontoon tied up.
If there is room on one of our docks we can do overnight docking. It is $10 a night to dock, $75 a week to dock and/or $175 per month. This is provided we have openings available. 

All day rentals are available from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Call BJ's Bait & Tackle LLC for more information at 320-274-3730.
Weekly Rates are available for ALL of our rentals. When you rent for more then three days, the first two days will be rented at the full day price, all of the other days rented will be at the 1:00 PM rate. This is for one watercraft at a time


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Annual Spring Crappie Tournament
Annual Fall Northern Tournament
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