Reasons to be a Member

Owning and or living on a lakefront property has many advantages.  Not only will you be able to wake up next to an idyllic and beautiful nature scene, but you can enjoy all kind of activities on the water.

CLPO works to preserve, protect and defend the quality, safety and natural beauty of Clearwater, Otter & Grass Lake.  Your annual membership dues are essential, as they support the Association’s activities that will help keep our lake a beautiful jewel for generations to come.  Here are some examples:

1.    CLPO works to help identify threats of aquatic invasive species (AIS)

2.    We work with local and state authorities to secure funding to combat AIS and other lake improvements.

3.    We negotiate contracts for hiring milfoil treatment.  In past years this was done by physical labor of lake association residents.  

4.    Have provided Copper Sulfate treatment to the Narrows as a benefit to all who use the Sand Bar during the 4th of July weekend.

5.   We are a liaison between State and County COLAs (Coalition of Lake Associations).

6.   Contact point for residents with lake issues.

7.   Annual Meeting and bring in speakers to discuss current lake items.

8.   We work to keep proper signage at all public and private accesses reminding boaters to properly take care of their boats before and after they visit our lake. 

9.   We maintain a civil defense and weather emergency siren.

10. Provide newsletters keeping you informed about the lake.

11.  Work with both Stearns and Wright Counties to obtain AIS ramp monitoring and public education.

12.  Attend conferences, meetings, webinar, and conference calls to educate ourselves on issues like AIS, issues MN’s Lakes are facing today and in the future, and how Land Management impact our lakes.

News & Events DEC 1st

Permits to Treat for Aquatic Species

Now is the best time to apply for permits for the upcoming year. 

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DNR News JAN 17th

Successful snowmobile rides start with safety mindset

DNR reminds snowmobile riders of safety tips ahead of Snowmobile Safety Awareness Week Snowmobile riders throughout the state would welcome a fresh round of snowfall, but despite less-than-ideal conditions in some areas, they’re hitting lakes and t...

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